"Make the joy of Namaz (Salah,Salat) manifolds by reading Urdu translation of what's going to be recited in it" 

Our slogan is a lucid explanation of the purpose of this website. For many Muslims living in non-Arab countries/states, it is hard to understand what the real meaning of Namaz is. On this website, i have tried my best to publish Urdu translation of Namaz, Azan  and some famous Duas.

Namaz is a direct mode of communication between us and our Creator. Concentration in this communication can be improved if we know what the real meaning of the recitation is. It is a dilemma for our society that we Muslims in Pakistan simply learn and perform Namaz in Arabic but we don’t know the translation. We don't know what the real meaning is.

Learning Urdu translation of Salat will add humbleness and tranquility in your prayers. I hope this website will help us all in understanding Namaz. Don't hesitate to send your comments, suggestions and queries about any section of this website. Visit Contact page for more information.