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Sunday, February 15, 2015

How to concentrate in Namaz (Salah)?

How to concentrate in Namaz (Salah)?
How to concentrate in namaz / salah (prayers)? Many people asked this question from me. Many Muslims find themselves uncomfortable during salah or namaz because of concentration. Keeping concentration during namaz is very important because it is clearly said in Holy Quran:

“Indeed, the believers, who have Khushu’ in their Salah, are the winners.” [Noble Quran 23:1-2]

When performing namaz, you might be disturbed by your worst enemy called Satan. The concept of Khushu’ in Salah (concentration in salah) is very essential but unfortunately many of us lack in khushu during prayer and our heart wonders off into different directions thinking about whatever is going on with our day or our lives at the time. I was also facing same problem a year ago before I learned how to concentrate in Namaz and how to perform salah with Khushu. Following steps will help you in staying focused during namaz and following these instructions will improve quality of your prayers InshaAllah:

1. Identify source of distraction:
You must know what distracts your concentration during namaz. For example if you are offering namaz at home, you might be disturbed from noise of children in street. Try to offer namaz in a peaceful room and preference should always be given to nearest mosque.

2. Learn meaning of namaz:
You must learn the meaning and translation of what you are in namaz. For example if you are urdu speaking muslim, you should know urdu translation and meaning of words that you recite in namaz. Knowing translation of namaz in urdu will help you in improving concentration during prayers.

3. Relieve yourself from mental stress:
No matter how much hard time you are facing in your life, always remember that when you are offering salah, you are in direct connection with almighty Allah. So forget your miseries and hardships and put all your concentration on Namaz.
4. Make clear intention that you are praying to Allah:
Make this thing very clear in your mind that you are praying to Allah almighty and only for his sake.
5. The angel of death is chasing you:
Always remember your death. This may be your last namaz. So pray as if it is your last chance to get eternal happiness after death. Stay focused and put all your concentration on namaz. The most important and foremost point is 'fear' of Almighty Allah, like it could be your last Namaaz so make it worthy to save you.
6. Prepare yourself:
Always make your prayer area neat and clean. Perform Wadhu as it is described in Sunnah. Untidy and not-cleaned prayer area will always distract you.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Urdu tarjuma of namaz

Learning urdu tarjuma of namaz is very important for all Muslims. Reciting namaz without knowing its tarjuma/ translation makes our ibadat and namaz very hasty. A few years back I also didn’t know what the translation of namaz is. But when I learned the tarjuma, I realized that namaz is a collection of very beautiful conversation with Allah which makes you feel more close to him.

You can also read urdu tarjuma of namaz  online at urdu meaning and translation of salat. If you want to save a pdf version of urdu tarjuma, then you can download namaz urdu tarjuma in pdf.

Why urdu tarjuma of namaz is important?

Hasty/ quick performance of namaz without proper rukoo/ sujood is strictly prohibited in Islam.

The Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam) saw a man who did not complete his rukoo' [bowing], and made a very short sujood [prostration]; he said: If this man dies while praying in this manner, he would die upholding a religion other than the religion of Muhammad. Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him, said: My beloved friend, Muhammad (sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam) forbade me to perform postures of prayer copying the picking of a rooster; (signifying fast performance of prayer), moving eyes around like a fox and the sitting like monkeys (i.e. to sit on thighs).

The Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam) said: The worst thief is the one who steals from his own prayer. People asked, 'Messenger of Allah! How could one steal from his own prayer?' He said: By not completing its rukoo' and sujood.

To complete rukoo' is to stay in that posture long enough to recite 'subhana rabbiyal Adtheem' three times, slowly, and 'subhana rabbiyal-a'ala' three times, slowly, in sujood. He also announced: He who does not complete his rukoo' and sujood, his prayer is void.

So in view of the hadith stated above, it is highly recommended for non-arabic speaking muslims to learn urdu tarjuma of namaz in order to avoid hasty performance of namaz. Keep visiting Namaz in Urdu website.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Urdu meaning and translation of Salat

Urdu meaning and translation of Salat
We offer Namaz (Salah, Salat) five times a days. Do we know what is the meaning of recitation in Namaz? What is the urdu meaning and translation of Namaz? It is great if you know, but if you don't know then you must consider learning it.

Most of the urdu speaking people livig in Pakistan, India and other parts of the world don't know what the real meaning or translation of Namaz is. So we have compiled this translation for all those who don't know. Offering of Namaz five times during day and night purifies us of sins in the same manner as bathing five times during day and night makes our body clean of all filth and dirt. On the day of judgement Namaz will be the first thing asked about.

Highest level of peace of mind and heart is achieved by offering Namaz when we know what the real meaning of Namaz in urdu is. Salat wipes off sin. It keeps us away from evil and shameful deeds.

We should not allow our thoughts to wander here and there but offer Namaz with full concentration which can be increased if we understand what we recite in the Namaz. Namaz is something like talking to Allah (SWT). In our normal life do we talk to a person in a language which we ourselves do not understand ? We must therefore consider it our duty to learn the Urdu meaning and translation of Namaz.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Full Namaz with Urdu Translation

Full Namaz with Urdu Translation
Namaz (Salah, Salat) is a direct connection between Allah (SWT) and his servants. Purpose of our birth is to worship Allah (SWT). There are many acts of worship (Ibadah, Ibadat) in Islam, and Namaz (Salah, Salat) is one of the most important obligatory acts. We are sharing with you Full Namaz with urdu translation, so that everyone knows what true meaning of Namaz is.

ALLAH (SWT) says in Holly Quran: "I have not created the jinn and humankind for any other purpose except that they should worship Me." (Noble Qur'an 51:56).

Then there is a Hadith: "Namaz is a pillar of Religion. If Namaz is accepted all other deeds are accepted. If Namaz is rejected then all other Deeds are rejected" Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

Salah (Salat, Namaz) is a practical sign of obedience to the commands of ALLAH (SWT). Just imagine that the importance of Namaz has been emphasized about 500 times in the Holy Qur'an. We Muslims in Pakistan simply learn and perform Namaz in Arabic but we don’t know the translation. I think it is very important for all of us to learn the meanings and translation of exactly what we are reading in Namaz! Because some of us (especially the non Arab speaking people) just read away and we don't know what we are saying in our Namaz! When you don’t know the translation of Namaz in Urdu, you cannot concentrate properly in your prayers! Concentration in prayers is only possible when you know what you are reciting.

Believe me once you will learn Namaz with full translation in Urdu, it will add more humbleness and tranquility in your prayers. You can feel it in your hearts when you praise Allah (SWT) in Your Namaz. You will feel yourself more close to Allah (SWT) and more connected with your Creator. This is only possible if you learn full Namaz with Urdu Translation.

Download PDF version of Full namaz with urdu translation. Or you can view this PDF file here: For better readability, you can visit Urdu meaning and translation of Salat